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My name is Dorota, and I am so glad you’ve found my site! A few years ago, I began exploring ways to live and eat healthier. I became aware of the unnecessary and harmful additives found in food, medicine, cosmetics & cleaning products. This led me to explore creative and alternative ways of implementing healthy and natural ingredients in my everyday life. My children and husband, hopped on the healthy wagon –with some resistance!–, but ultimately supported my efforts in becoming more healthy.

Looking back I am so glad that a friend introduced me to therapeutic-grade essential oils as they made a great difference in my families wellbeing, and I want to share their power with you. Please browse around my site and contact me if you have any questions. I’d love for you to check out the Everyday Oils Kit and start on your own journey of health, wellness and essential oils! Let me know if you need any guidance or assistance.
Remember… YOU are in charge of your health!

Thank you so very much for visiting!

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